Friday, July 25, 2008

Impeachment hearings: Legislators to call

If you have been watching c-span (channel 65) today or listening to WBAI,
you have been hearing the House Judiciary Committee discuss the crimes of 
the Bush Administration. The hearings are peculiar, of course, because Conyers 
agreed before hand that they would not lead to impeachment, that no names 
would be named, and that many of the best speakers would be limited to extremely short speeches.  

Nevertheless, some of the speakers are extremely good and are raising issues
that have not been raised before. And several speakers, like Stephen Prosser from Northwestern, have shown up to serve the Bush Administration by obfuscating issues, and it's good to see what tactics they use.
I hope you will watch some of the ongoing and repeated hearings, or watch or listen to them on the internet.
This site gives us some good things to do about the hearings:
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