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Fw: IMPEACH GROUP Dan Ellsberg on Why We Must Act Today, July 8th

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What Everyone Needs
to Know and Do about
FISA before the Vote
Today - July 8th

http://www.impeacht hem.com/? q=node/2012

The Blog of Tim Ferriss 6 July 2008 — by Tim Ferriss — Those who can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. — Ben Franklin This is the most important and controversial post I've ever written. For American readers, the short video above could be the most important video you watch in your lifetime.

I hesitated to post this and will alienate some readers, but I accept that.

July 8th could mark the beginning of official condoning of warrantless surveillance of law-abiding citizens in the US, not to mention foreign nationals.
  I am not an alarmist and believe in qualified surveillance with [due] process [and probable cause] — this is different.  I've done the homework.

I have an 18-minute interview that I just finished with Daniel Ellsberg, famous for releasing the Pentagon Papers to the New York Times in 1971.  His actions are often credited with helping end not only the Nixon presidency but also the Vietnam War.  He consulted for the Kennedy Administration after receiving a PhD. from Harvard in Economics and served in the Pentagon under Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara.

To see the video CLICK
http://www.fourhour workweek. com/blog/ 2008/07/07/ what-every- american- needs-to- know-and- do-about- fisa-before- tuesday

Remember that part of lifestyle design is creating a good environment for you and those you care for.  Central to this is preventing dangerous laws — the rules of your environment — from coming into existence.  This is not about being political.  It's about being responsible.  There are Republicans in Congress who oppose this bill, so it shouldn't be written off as leftist propaganda.

In the video above, I interview Ellsberg to learn what every American needs to know — and do in the next 24 hours — about the new FISA (Foreign Information and Surveillance Act) amendments.  The interview, and below partial transcription, answers questions like…

-I don't have anything to hide. How does this affect me?

-What if this type of surveillance is what has prevented another 9/11 from happening?

-What are common inaccuracies about FISA reported in the media?

Please watch it.

Find below how you can make a real impact in less than 60 seconds.  Every person counts — the Senators who will vote are watching the numbers.  41 Senators can block the bill, and it's not too late.

Please do the following.

How I ask you to spend 60 seconds

Daniel explains below several important reasons to act in the next few hours (much more in the video), but for those who are prepared to spend 60 seconds to help protect their liberties and prevent warrantless wiretapping from becoming a new standard in the US, here are two options:

1. ALL AMERICANS: Go to the EFF website here and put in your zipcode to find your Senator's phone number.  Call them and read the short script on the same page.  If no answer, click the link at the bottom of the page to e-mail them.
(Tell others verbally to go to "www.eff.org" and click "take action")

2. OBAMA SUPPORTERS: Go to My.BarackObama. com here and join the group requesting he oppose (as he did earlier) the amendment.  This takes about 30 seconds.  I suggest changing "ListServ" in the bottom right to "Do not receive e-mails."
(Tell others verbally to search "obama please vote no" on Google and My.BarackObama. com will be in the top 3 results, currently #1)

I would love to give online Facebook-like groups for all Republicans and Democrats who originally opposed the bill, but Obama is the only Senator I can find with a group to join specifically related this FISA bill.
Two Tips from a Fellow Reader, Credit and thanks to "Roger Dodger"

1) When you call your Senators, ask then where they stand on the bills before reading the script.  If they are with you on most issues, thank them!  Then ask why they don't support the issues you differ on.  Then go on to ask for their support on those issues.  If they are against you in most things, then refer to the entire script.

2) If they get enough calls, they will change their minds on an issue.  10 activists saying an issue is important to them may equal the opinion of 10000 constituents.  If you don't believe that, just talk to any Real Estate Developer in your area and listen to their war stories on how 10 people coming to a community meeting and shouting blocked a multi million dollar project from happening.

Be nice.  And be interested in the person on the other end of the line.  These people have nutjobs calling all day to scream at them.

I was amazed at how uninformed people in Congress (not just the elected, but their staff as well) were on issues.  I was talking heathcare with them and in most cases, ten months after passing the Medicare Part D, I was the first person who they'd talked to who had interviewed doctors on how they felt Part D was working.
Inform your Congress on issues you are interested in!

Some Highlights with Daniel Ellsberg — Click the pic to read the rest! —

Thank you absolutely to infinity and beyond.

Warm regards, solidarity,
love and the kitchen sink,
with high hopes for all our
futures, forever and a day,

Stuart Hutchison
HUTCH. 973.694.5035
Cell 862.226.6939
117 Chestnut Drive
Wayne NJ 07470-5639
Impeach. Duh.
Impeach for Peace

http://www.ImpeachThem.com ~ Saving Our World One American at a Time


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