Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fw: A Tale of Two Bills

Hi, Impeachment People:
This email makes It is easy to send a message rejecting the embargo on Iran.
There is, of course, LOTS of activity hostile to Iran and LOTS of lying about Iran going on--all following the pattern of the buildup to the attack on Iraq. Just as Saddam's real offense against the Bush Administration was not "WMD" but his refusal to pump oil at peak capacity because he knew Iraq's oil would quickly increase in value, Iran's real offense is trading oil for Euros. With the Administration's bullshit machine all wound up again, LOTS of protest against our crimes against Iran (which have already started because "Crimes Against Peace", the planning of offensive war, is the most serious of the Nuremberg war crimes as well as the most fundamental violation of the UN Charter--and hence, of article 6 of our Constitution) is appropriate. So I hope you'll go to one of the August 2nd protests.

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To: Marty Nathan
Sent: Saturday, July 26, 2008 9:34 PM
Subject: A Tale of Two Bills

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We've stalled the Iran blockade bill!
Help pass the diplomatic alternative!

Dear Martha,

Congress is considering two bills: one calls for provocation, the other seeks a diplomatic solution in the Middle East.

Our lobbying against the "Iran blockade bill" is working! House Concurrent Resolution 362 and its counterpart Senate Resolution 580--which call for a blockade of Iran--were steamrolling through Congress, but are stalled in committee...for now. If we keep up the pressure, Congress could vote to talk to--not attack--Iran.

Over the past weeks, we've staged an effective national call-in/email campaign. Help us defeat the blockade bill and promote the diplomatic alternative bill. Click here to take action.

HCR 362 now has 249 co-sponsors. S Res 580 has 43 co-sponsors. These dangerous bills would go beyond even Bush administration sanctions. Provocation would only strengthen the extremist regime in Iran and increase their resolve to convert their legal civilian nuclear power program into an illegal nuclear weapons program. 

Join the "diplomatic surge."

We support HCR 321, an effective alternative returning to diplomacy rather than war as our primary tool of foreign policy. HCR 321 calls for a serious, sustained diplomatic initiative with Iraq, Iran, and neighboring states: a responsible way out of Iraq while opening an avenue for dispute resolution with Iran and other nations. 


Thank you,
Howard Jennings and,
the PDA Out of Iraq Issue Organizing Team

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