Thursday, October 2, 2008

Steve Fournier on the Bailout

Green Candidate for Congress Stephen Fournier today criticized his opponent,
Democratic incumbent John Larson, for the congressman's vote in favor of the
Wall Street bailout.

"My question for John Larson," said Fournier, "is which faction of the
Democratic caucus--the 140 in favor or the 95 against--abandoned principle
to cast this vote? This bailout is a patchwork of political deals and does
nothing to address the corruption of the financial system. Voters oppose it
overwhelmingly as too radical, too expensive, and un-American. It amounts
to the payment of blackmail to crooked bankers, who threaten to cancel
further credit if they don't get this money. Credit markets have been
stressed for over a year, while Democrats and Republicans sat on their
hands. Now, suddenly, it's an emergency requiring an unprecedented transfer
of wealth from ordinary people to the rich anti-citizens who finance these
same Democrats and Republicans. They inflated the economic bubble, cashing
in at every expansion, and now Larson wants to compensate them because it