Sunday, September 21, 2008

More info on US attacking Iran - in October!

Barb Schade tells us:
"Leslie is a member of CodePink and is actively working to prevent an attck on Iran. In her latest e-mail, she gives even more proof that Israel (with US help) intends to bomb Iran in October - before the election! You may still think I'm crazy, but I don't think we will have an election - Bush will put the country under marshall law.

He must be impeached before that!


 Leslie has returned to the CodePink House and plans to stay in DC until Congress hits the campaign trail.  She's there to hold our representatives accountable during these last three weeks of the Congressional session.  Click here to see Leslie standing up to Congress (and scroll down to see her photo):

Leslie is particularly concerned about Ackerman and his proposed naval blockade of Iran, H.Con.Res. 362.  Last year he was willing to ride a bicycle in Iran to prevent a war.  Now he wants our Navy to inspect the cargo of foreign ships before they enter Iranian waters.  Petroleum is on the embargo list and Iran currently imports 40% of what it needs to meet its energy requirements.  Does Ackerman think Iran will allow this blockade?  How long will it take before this untenable situation provokes an "incident"?  Do you think AIPAC ( American Israel Public Affairs Committee) might have had something to do with his transformation?  Please call him if you oppose this resolution: 202 225-2601.

Leslie has an appointment with Reva Price, an aide in Pelosi's office, to urge the Speaker of the House to oppose the sale of the 100 bunker busters this administration has recently decided to sell to Israel: "penetrate fortified facilities located deep underground" and it's reported in The Jerusalem Post, "The bombs would likely be used in the event of an Israeli strike on Iran."  Congress has thirty days to object.  Please call your Congressional representative (202-224-3121) and ask her/him to oppose this sale.

Nothing was ever accomplished by hiding in a dark corner. Why not discard the hermitage for the heritage that awaits any red-blooded American woman who dares to claim it?
— Del Martin, lesbian rights pioneer and activist who passed away on Aug. 28, 2008