Sunday, September 28, 2008

"The Deal" by Steve Fournier

Here's the Deal

From Fournier for Congress *

Democrats and Republicans hatched a conspiracy yesterday to pay off the bad debts of the nation's crooked bankers. The bankers had been bidding up the price of real estate with low-interest mortgages for the past few years and pocketing the profits, when the bottom fell out of the market. Last week, they threatened not to lend any more money unless the American people give them almost a million million dollars to compensate them for their losses. Democrats and Republicans in Congress have now agreed to meet their demands, in a bailout they hope will postpone the reckoning until after election day.

This is not the sort of bailout sailors accomplish with buckets on a leaking boat. It's more like the bailout that frees an accused thief from the slammer or that allows a flyer to land safely while his plane crashes. It's risky, and it salvages almost nothing, and regular people are overwhelmingly opposed to it.

People understand that there's no money to do this deal and that the value of their money and property will have to be degraded. It's a trillion-dollar redistribution of wealth to rich creditors from debtors, whose worth has already been hurt by war, government malfeasance, and unemployment. And like a debt at the company store, it can never be paid back out of meager earnings. Our children and grandchildren will be sweating out the payments long after we're gone.

Some observers are saying that the bailout can't work without public support. Polls show (and congressional mail confirms) that, by a a huge margin, the people don't want to put up the money. Their reluctance is understandable: they know their government is a collection of crooks and scoundrels whose rap sheets of lying, cheating and stealing stretch from here to Nicaragua. Trust them with a million millions? We don't think so.

So here's the deal. Government, clean up your act and put the executive branch in receivership right now. Get resignations from Bush and Cheney and allow the Speaker to take office and then we'll give you your bailout check.

We're not asking much. The investment houses had to replace their management. Shouldn't their facilitators in government be answerable as well? Throw them out or get their resignations. As fiduciaries, they are tainted and corrupted and could never function credibly in any market of any kind. Their word is worthless. Their motives are venal. They are brutal and dangerous.

So here's the deal. You want our money? Close down this racket. Give us back our laws. Give us back our decency. Give us back our peace. Give us back our country.


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