Saturday, December 6, 2008

Gift ideas from Yuganta Press

Are you looking for meaningful gifts to give during the holiday season—at bargain-basement prices?
Yuganta Press recommends two of its recent publications:
Health Proxy by Robert Roth
The Slow News of Need by Richard Duffee.
Published in 2007, Health Proxy has drawn a tremendous response from a wide spectrum of readers. For reviews and comments as well as ordering information, please go to: and

Yuganta's latest, the just-published The Slow News of Need, lays bare human reality in its infinite variety and complexity. Using a wide range of literary forms, Richard Duffee constructs, line by cutting line, angle by acute angle, a calculus designed to grasp the curvature of consciousness, not to mention, more importantly, of an outraged conscience that reviles venality and corruption.
In contrast to the exquisite and interminable explorations of private sensibility in the American poetry of the last fifty years—confessional, narcissistic preoccupations, often couched in linguistic mystifications—Duffee's writing, ever fresh, ever direct, ever concrete, looks outward, opening onto an expansive swath of action and reflection, of behavior and being. His passion for the human is endless. "Poetry," he says, "is the speech of living people about the most important experiences of their real lives."
For readers' response to the book and for ordering information, please go to You may also buy the book by calling the author at 203 588 0161 or the publisher at 203 322 5438.
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