Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mmm, peach!

Steve Fournier sends the following invitation. I will be going. If you want to come and want a ride or to share a ride, please contact me at 203-588-0161 or by return email. If more than 5 of us want to go, we'll take 2 cars.
Richard Duffee
Says Steve Fournier:
Peach iced tea, peach shortcake and impeachment are on the menu next Thursday in Hartford for a rally to remove Bush and Cheney, sponsored by the local Green Party. Impeachment is always in season, Greens say, but native peaches come around just once a year, starting now. Mmmm, peach.

The assembly is August 21 from 7 to 9 pm at 74 Tremont Street, Hartford, where Ruth and Steve Fournier reside. Steve, Green Party candidate for Congress, will make brief remarks. It will be a time for exchanges of rage and frustration over the state of government, controlled by thugs and accountable to no authority whatsoever. Open to all. Drop an email if you're coming to