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Fwd: Kucinich Speaks The Truth About Bush, Get Your "Impeach Both!!!" Cap, We're Going To Keep On Fighting The Good Fight, And More

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Date: Tues, 10 Jun 2008 00:47:54 -0800
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Subject: Kucinich Speaks The Truth About Bush, Get Your "Impeach Both!!!" Cap, We're Going To Keep On Fighting The Good Fight, And More

We want to bring you up to date on the results of Shirley Golub's
primary challenge against Nancy Pelosi last week in San Francisco.

But first, on June 9, 2008, a day that will live in valor, Dennis
Kucinich introduced articles of impeachment against George W. Bush,
just as he had done against Richard B. Cheney late last year.

It was truly stunning to hear him recite all the undisputed evidence
against Bush himself, which took 4 hours on the House floor. Even
more stunning is the fact that the House at large has still taken no
action to actually stand up for itself as a co-equal branch of our

Tell Congress To Impeach Now:

Nixon was threatened with impeachment in large part for defying
subpoenas. The Cheney/Bush administration has gone even further than
that, displaying total contempt for congressional oversight, even to
the point of instructing all executive branch former employees to
refuse to testify themselves. Only impeachment can correct this
outrage, which makes a arrogant mockery of the balance of
Constitutional powers. And that is just ONE of the 35 well-founded
grounds for immediate hearings.

Congress must act now, or Congress has reduced itself to a ceremonial
role under whatever despot may occupy the White House in the future.

And if you have not yet gotten your new bright orange "IMPEACH
BOTH!!!" cap, you can use this page to get one for any donation of
any amount. Your call. We just want as many people as possible to be
out there wearing these caps demonstrating the support for
impeachment is strong and is not going to go away.

New Impeach Both Caps:

Thanks to your valiant donations, Shirley Golub was able to make a
substantial dent in support for Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco. This
is despite the fact that Golub was given virtually NO press coverage,
and that mostly dismissive and defeatist. Here is the thank you
message that Shirley wants to share with you.

"By now many of you have probably learned that my goal of unseating
of Nancy Pelosi did not happen. But we did ruffle a few feathers, to
say the least! My getting 10.83% of the vote was a victory in a sense
because this was based solely on advertising purchased with your many
generous contributions and by individual voters contacted by me and
some very wonderful & dedicated volunteers.

The media, and especially the progressive media, were noticeably
absent. That tells us where some of our efforts should be directed,
now doesn't it? But more than that, I was particularly humbled, and
touched, by your sharing your wishes and thoughts for the campaign
and the situation in the world today. I feel I now have friends all
over the country, united in this great cause of saving, not only our
country, but the world from destruction by a few greedy and powerful
individuals, and for my part I promise I am going to remain very
active on all the issues we founded this candidacy on.

Remember, there are more of us than there are of them! So I truly
hope you will continue to remain engaged and connected with others to
work towards peace, justice & equality for all. My love to you all.
Shirley G."

And now we'd like to add a couple choice words of our own.

We threw everything we had behind this primary challenge, even though
we only had a couple of months to pull it together. For we clearly
saw that unless Pelosi was defeated Congress would proceed to cave in
again on another year of occupation funding for the usual gang of war
profiteers. And even now you see them straining to cut unemployment
benefits and everything else to keep feeding this monstrous ongoing
war crime.

At the end of the day, people will remember the valor of our
resistance much longer than the results of a particular election. And
for those of you who donated even a small amount from your limited
resources in this urgently needed initiative, we want you to know
that those funds were well spent and will reap further benefits in
the near future as you will shortly see.

We expected the right wing media to do us no favors. But what frankly
shocked us was the fact that we could not get any of our major
so-called progressive radio personalties to even cover fact that
Shirley was running, let alone book her for an appearance to talk
about what she was doing. This in spite of the fact that we had at
LEAST four, count them four, stories worthy of national media

1. This was the first congressional primary challenger to Pelosi in
20 years. That's not a national story? Regardless of the odds, when
members of Congress won't do their job, they MUST be challenged, and
never let them think that they won't be.

2. Shirley produced a "Rubber Chicken" TV spot that was so
controversial it was featured in the local San Francisco TV news AND
that story was picked up by thousands of web sites, INCLUDING The
Hill in Washington, DC. That's not a national story?

3. When Comcast tried to censor the ad from their cable system,
Shirley Golub generated over 6,000 personal messages of protest to
the Comcast CEO and the completely backed down and were forced to run
the ad. That's not a national story?

4. She produced a full theatrical production of a play on impeachment
in a beautiful 500 seat legit theater in San Francisco. What
candidate for any office has ever produced a major play on an issue
they were taking a stand on? That's not a national story?

Looking ahead, of course we will do everything we can to help Cindy
Sheehan in her general election challenge as an independent in
November in the same district. But nothing would have boosted the
expectations for Cindy's chances MORE than the strongest possible
showing for Golub in her own challenge. That's why we did it, that's
why we had to do it, and we COULD have won it all outright on June 3,
if just more people had believed it could be so.

And for those of you who did believe, we thank you from the bottom of
our hearts. We are believers too. And we will keep on believing until
truth ultimately does prevail.

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed
to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.

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