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Gandhi Peace Brigade / Leslie Arrested at Petraeus-Odierno Hearing

Hi, Impeachment Person:
Barb Schade forwards this to us. I recommend especially the CommonDreams article, which does a good job of proving that Administration accusations against Iran, yet once again, as always, are false. We really should have caught on to Bush Adminstration tactics by now. We can't understand yet that because they are pursuing illegal and immoral goals, they cannot attain their goals without being inveterate liars?

"As I have been saying - When Bush bombs Iran, our sons (and possibly daughter) will be drafted. Read the message below, you won't find it in any newspapers.


"Human Beings, indeed all sentient beings, have the right to pursue happiness and live in peace and freedom."
- The XIVth Dalai Lama

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Dear Friends,

Please watch this YouTube of Leslie and her three COURAGEOUS CODEPINK sisters as they disrupt the Petraeus-Odierno Confirmation Hearing:
Also, here are the Generals as they feel the sorrow and rage of the "Mothers of the World":

Leslie, Toby, Pat and Erica were arrested and charged with "Unlawful Conduct on Capitol Grounds".  Everyone but Erica spent the night in jail and each of them now faces a possible sentence of six months in jail.  Leslie successfully ended her 23 day hunger strike and will continue to advocate for PEACE WITH IRAN!

General Petraeus lied during his testimony when he said,"We know from having captured massive weapons' caches in Basra, some of which bear markings that denote that they were made in January or February of 2008, some which contain fuses made only in Iran, others which follow the chain to get to Iran, and then into the hands of the "Special Groups" from Syria through Lebanese Hezbollah in the case of RPG29's.  This is all very clear.  It's evidence, not supposition ..."

He is clearly preparing the American people for a war by accusing Iran of killing our troops.  Colin Powell also presented "evidence" of WMD's to the United Nations before we attacked Iraq.  There is no proof Iran is supplying these so called "Special Groups" with any "ammunition,  explosives, or weapons".  Two weeks prior to Petraeus' testimony (May 7) Major General Kevin Bergner cited a cache in Baghdad of "20,000 items of ammunition, explosives, and weapons" but not one came from Iran.
You can be sure,"If American inspectors had found so much as a slingshot" with Iranian markings on it, you would have heard about it.,15202,168154,00.html

Leslie and I will be approaching Carl Levin, the Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, to talk with him about Petraeus' blatant lies and misrepresentations regarding Iran.  We are hoping to block his Senate confirmation as the permanent head of Central Command.  Please call Senator Carl Levin (202-224-6221) and tell him how you feel about Petraeus' confirmation.

Peace and Freedom,
Jes & Leslie

Photos of CodePink Protesting General Petraeus Confirmation

Talk with your Mayor or your City Council:

Bush Intends to Invade Iran Before the End of his Term

Campaign for a New American Policy on Iran
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Ray McGovern | To Admiral William Fallon (USN ret.), With Respect

Clinton, You Invoked A Nightmare!
by Keith Olbermann

Jes & Leslie ... A Journey for Peace and Freedom:

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