Monday, March 31, 2008

New Hampshire meeting on 14th for impeachment vote on 16th: Please help!

Hi Impeachment People:

1) First, a message from Harold Burbank about organizing to get HR 24,
the bill to impeach Bush and Cheney, passed in the New Hampshire

2) Then a note from me about it.


1) Here's Harold:

"Ladies and Gentlemen:

New Hampshire State Representative Betty Hall, age 87, Brookline, NH, is
fighting to save the nation from the Bush-Cheney cabal and return us to
constitutional democracy, with her bill, HR 24, to the NH State House, to
impeach President Bush and Vice President Cheney. If passed on 4-16-08,
when it is scheduled for vote before the entire NH House, the bill will go
under state seal, without need of governor signature, to the US House for
review, demanding in the name of New Hampshire's people that Congress begin
impeachment hearings immediately for Bush-Cheney high crimes against the
Constitution, the American people, and humanity.

I am writing to you because I know that you are patriots. Betty Hall is
fighting for us, and more importantly, for our children, and theirs. Betty
needs our help. Accordingly, on Monday, 4-14-08, the New England
impeachment community has organized an HR 24 lobbying and rally forum,

Daniel Ellsberg, Vietnam War Era Icon, Who Saved
Countless US, Vietnamese and Other Lives By Releasing the Pentagon Papers

Ramsey Clark, Former US Attorney General Under President
Lyndon Johnson

Dr. Robert Bowman, Former Director of the "Star Wars"
Space Weapon Program, Now Its Most Ardent Critic

Other Renowned Public Fugures Committed to our
Constitution and Peace in Our World

When: Monday, April 14, 2008, 3 PM to 11 PM
Where: Capital Center for the Arts, 44 S, Main Street,
Concord, NH
Purpose: To lobby uncommitted NH lawmakers to vote for
HR 24, and to rally North East supporters of impeachment

All NH legislators will be invited to meet and greet our special guests from
3 to 6 PM. The public is invited too. You are invited, and encouraged to
bring your families and friends to meet Drs. Ellsberg and Bowman, Ramsey
Clark, and other writers, scholars, poets, actors, thinkers and activists
for impeachment. Starting at At 7 PM, there will be a "Rally for
Impeachment" in the main thater (1309 seats), when special guests will make
speeches, music will be played, and solidarity for impeachment to save the
nation and the planet will be enhanced.

We also need your financial support. Deeply dedicated activists have
generously underwritten this event. Some guests are appearing free of
We are seeking immediate donations to be sure that our funding is adequate,
and if possible, so that current underwriters can be reimbursed. A $10 fee
may be charged at the door for this purpose.

Please call or email me with questions: 860-693-2687,

NH and Betty Hall can change history on 4-16-08 by passing the first state
House Bush-Cheney bill of impeachment. I hope that you will all join us in
Concord on 4-14-08, or donate as you can to this necessary effort for our
children's futures.


Harold Burbank
For NH State Rep. Betty Hall, and her HR 24, a bill to impeach Bush-Cheney
for crimes against the Constitution and humanity

Attorney Harold H. Burbank, II
84 N. Mountain Rd.
Canton, CT 06019

2) Here's me:

"Getting an impeachment bill passed in New Hampshire is, so far, the
quickest route to impeachment we've got. Please help.

A number of people are making extraordinary efforts for this. Ramsey
Clark is in Nepal until April 12 observing the Nepalese elections.
He's flying back directly to Concord to speak at this meeting on the
14th—and has to cross 10 time zones. How many 80-year-olds do you know
who would do that to get to a meeting? Robert Bowman is coming up from
Florida. He has cancer. Daniel Ellsberg is 77 next Monday. None of
them has any obligation to do this; none of them is paid for their

Because there has been just two weeks' notice for the vote on April
16, the organizers of this event have had to rent an auditorium,
invite speakers, buy airline tickets for them, and contact media—all
out of their own pockets. Harold Burbank has had no time for his own
congressional campaign and not time to earn his living. Susan Serpa
herself took out a $6000 loan to be able to fund the necessities, and
it's not enough. On Tuesday she'll have to pay another $1500 to $3140
to secure the hall. Then the plane tickets will have to be purchased.

We have to chip in some money for it to happen; we can't leave her
with all the debt. We've got to find out how to get as many of New
Hampshire's 400 representatives into one room to hear the most
experienced, most responsible, and smartest people who can make the
compelling case for impeachment. Let the reps ask every question they
can imagine of the people who can give the best answers.

Please, let's do OUR part.

Send donations via PayPal to:
or mail check payable to N.E.I.C. at:
Northeast Impeachment Coalition
c/o Susan Serpa
10 Cascade Road
Worcester, MA 01602-4101

Richard Duffee